5 Recommended Hearing Aids for 2020

It’s been a particularly good 2019 for the hearing aid industry with all the manufacturers now having some excellent hearing aids available on the market. There were also a few world 'firsts' in the industry. There has been a heavy focus on bluetooth and smart technology as well as more facilities for those who suffer from severe to profound deafness, with the launch of the Xceed from Oticon and the Leox from Bernafon the most notable releases. There are now more options and facilities for those who suffer from profound hearing loss, with all the bluetooth technology built in.

It was a 'world's first' for Starkey, who launched the Livio AI the first hearing aid in the world with built in artificial intelligence technology. Signia released the Styletto Connect, a new design which was sleek, stylish, and aimed to break down the stigma of wearing conventional hearing aids. They are also extremely good.

Oticon released the Opn S, a new and improved model based on their hugely successful Opn platform. Signia also released the Xeprience platform, the first with 'Acoustic Motion Sensor' built in to provide supreme speech in noise recognition.

Manufacturers continue to develop and excel in the market, but 2019 was a year where technology really advanced to a new level. We hope they can continue to listen to customer feedback to develop and improve the already fantastic hearing aids we have today. 

We have certainly been impressed.


What to Expect in 2020
2020 has been a very strange year so far. Unfortunately, due to the Cornavirus outbreak manufacturers have had to put their work on hold. We aren’t quite sure what to expect and when to expect it however we would assume, with confidence, that there will be a further development into the quality of bluetooth connectivity with hearing aids and smartphones, as well as hearing aids being able to facilitate Android connectivity without the need for a separate connection device. We may also see the first bluetooth connected system which with allow direct connectivity to PA systems without the need for a telecoil or loop. 

However, this is speculation and for now please see our list below for the 5 hearing aids that make our top 5.


UK-Hearing's Top 5 Hearing Aids of 2019/2020


1. Signia Xperience 7X 

Coming in at number 1 is the Xperience 7X from Signia. They have really upped their game over the past couple of years and have brought out a fantastic product with the Xperience range. They are the world’s first Acoustic Motion Sensor hearing aids, giving supreme sound quality, and listening experience.



  • Acoustic Motion Sensor for high quality sound and speech recognition

  • More natural sound than ever before.

  • Built in Li-ion rechargeable for all day usage without the need to change batteries

  • Fantastic feedback suppression to cancel feedback completely.

  • Rechargeable at no extra cost!

  • Excellent value for money




  • No custom in ear options just yet.

  • Needs and adaptor to work with Android smartphones for binaural streaming


Starkey Livio 2400 AI Hearing Aid2. Starkey Livio AI 

Coming in a very close second is the Starkey Livio and Livio Edge AI. Possibly the most advanced hearing aid on the market in terms of its smartphone’s capabilities and features. The World’s first 'healthable' hearing device with a variety of sensors and functions such as translate foreign languages to heart and brain function monitors. Compatible with all smartphones.



  • Artificial Intelligence built in Healthable hearing aid with all the functionality for more than just hearing

  • Small, discreet rechargeable Li-ion built in devices.

  • A much improved, faster platform compared to their IQ range.

  • Excellent customer support and service from Starkey.


  • The AI version is expensive so make sure it’s something you will benefit from.


3. Oticon Opn S1

Effectively a joint second with the Starkey Livio 2400 AI if not for Starkey’s extra features. The Opn S1 is one of the most natural sounding hearing aids on the market, built on the already successful Opn platform. The original Opn was considered one of the best hearing aids on the market. The S1 is even better still with features for best speech in noise quality and bluetooth facilities for use with smartphones.


  • 'Best in Class' natural environment sound for speech pickup in noise.

  • Li-ion rechargeability for 24 hours usage of a single 3-hour charge

  • Market leading feedback cancellation system. No More Feedback!

  • 360-degree microphone adjustments for background noise filtration and speech enhancement


  • They are on the expensive side of the market for both one or a pair.

  • No custom in ear options just yet

  • You will need an adaptor to connect to android smartphones.


ReSound LiNX Quattro 9 Hearing Aid4. Resound LiNX Quattro 9

The Resound LiNX Quattro comes in a respectable 4th place. Excellent value for money it provides a clear crisp sound quality with full usage of functionality, with bluetooth devices and smartphones. Fully rechargeable using Li-ion technology Resound LiNX Quattro are the go-to hearing systems for those who want ultimate control.



  • Fully connected to any bluetooth smartphone for the app facility

  • Clear, crisp sound quality with excellent background noise reduction.

  • Durable and robust hearing devices.

  • The most in depth mobile app for full user control.

  • Excellent value for money.


  • Technology is over 2 years old expect an update soon.

  • Big, heavy charging unit


5. AudioService G6 16

Coming in 5th place is the independent, exclusive G6 16 from AudioService. The only reason this product is 5th on our list is simply that it has only just been released. However, looking at its functions and specs and having received some client feedback we can say this is performing very well. A natural and discreet rechargeable instrument giving excellent speech in noise clarity and noise reduction. Rechargeable at no extra cost!


  • Exclusive to independents, you won’t find this on the high street!

  • Small and discreet rechargeable hearing aids giving a full days usage of a single charge.

  • Bluetooth compatible and 2.4GHz binaural streaming.

  • Fantastic clear and natural sound.


  • Needs and adaptor to connect to android phones for streaming.

  • Slightly more expensive been an exclusive product.