Widex Moment 220 Hearing Aid

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Technology: New

Technology Rating

Re-Chargeable: Yes at no extra cost

Price Per Single £1195.00

Price Per Pair £2195.00

Warranty: This hearing aid comes with a full 5 year manufactures warranty

Widex Moment 220 Hearing Aid Widex Moment 220 Hearing Aid

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Widex Moment 220

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Widex Moment 220 - This Sound Changes Everything.

The Widex Moment 220 is the latest mid range  product from Widex. It claims to be a very natural sounding hearing aid thanks to its 'ZeroDelay' platform and the 'PureSound' facility. According to research tests done, the majority of people tested preferred the sound of the Widex Moment's PureSound across varying sound environments. These people were both new and exisitng hearing aid wearers. 

They Widex Moment allows the user the ability to personalise the sound to ensure the user receives clear, crisp and natural sound unlike anything that has been available previously.


Features of the Product

In this section we will explain in a little more detail exactly how the 'ZeroDelay' works and what else is available with the Widex Moment hearing aids.


The Widex Moment mRic R D is the smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the market. Theres no more need for changing and fiddling with batteries. The hearing aids charge seamlessly using a charging port and claim to give you up to 20 hours of a single charge, 16 hours if you regularly stream using bluetooth. The charging times are as follows:

3 hours charge will give you up to 20 hours of usage

1.5 hours charge will give you up to 12 hours of usage

0.5 hours of charge will give you up to 4 hours of usage

Battery options are still available in the Moment RIC 10 and the Moment RIC 312D


Taken directly from Widex themselves this is what they say about ZeroDelay.

ZeroDelay Technology eradicates problems with delay-based distortion, which is what makes hearing aids sound artificial.

The vital component of ZeroDelay is the new ultrafast signal pathway that reduces the processing delay between microphone and receiver to below 0.5 milliseconds to overcome artificial sound. We call this new sound experience Widex PureSound.

Streaming Facilities

Widex are now using an upgraded 2.4GHz bluetooth connection facility that will allow the user to connect seamlessly with any iOS device, Widex Play and other Widex DEX accessories. They will also connect to androids devices in the future. The application is called the 'Widex Moment' and can be downloaded via Apple App Store and in the furute Google Play Store for android. Widex simply give you the ability to now fully connect with the world with the highest possible quality.


Build Quality

On all the behind the ear models Widex are using quote 'Advanced water-resistant nano coating reduces the risk of moisture damage' (Widex).

They also optimise moisture resisance by a more durable mic, new mic inlet design, connector o-ring and wireless charging design (Specifically in the rechargeable option as they is no battery drawer).

By incorporating these new designs Widex are now ensuring a longer life our of your new Moment hearing aids.

The CIC and custom versions do not contain the same sort of moisture resistant design but they come in a strong nano coated shell for best possible protection.

Available Hearing Aid Styles/Colours

The Widex Moment currently have three receiver in canal (RIC) styles:

mRIC R D- The Li-ion rechargeable version (Widex Moment app)

RIC 10- The smallest battery operated version of the Widex Moment (not available with the Widex Moment app, this one uses the Widex ToneLink app)

RIC 312 D- The 312 size battery oprated 2.4 GHz bluetooth version of the Widex Moment. (Widex Moment app)

The also have two current versions in the ear (ITE/CIC):

CIC- Size 10 battery operated hearing aid (not available with the Widex Moment app, this one uses the Widex ToneLink app)

XP ITE- Size 312 or 13 battery hearing system suitable for mild to severe hearing loss (not available with the Widex Moment app, this one uses the Widex ToneLink app)

All the hearing aids will facilitate the Widex DEX accessories, Remote care/fine tuning and real-life insights.

They also have a large range of colours to see the colour styles please visit the Widex website through this link https://uk.widex.pro/en-gb/products/moment-hearing-aids?categoryid={82A95A98-D07B-4E4F-84BC-33A775E93F14}&productid={74BB121B-A82A-4A74-952D-FE0BC3472E25}&housingcolorid=123

UK Hearing's Widex Moment 330 Technology Star Rating

Wind Noise Reduction - **

Natural Sound Experience - ***

Improved Speech Understanding - ***

Automatic Sound Adjustment - ***