Widex Evoke 220 Hearing Aid

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Technology: New

Technology Rating

Price Per Single £1095.00

Price Per Pair £1995.00

Warranty: This hearing aid comes with a full 5 year manufactures warranty

Widex Evoke 220 Hearing Aid Widex Evoke 220 Hearing Aid

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Widex Evoke 220

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Widex Evoke- The Worlds First Smart Hearing Aid 

The Widex Evoke 220 is the mid level technology in the Widex Evoke range. They are the hearing aids that evolve and get smarter based on the situations you go into. They do this by using 'SoundSense' technology. Using automatic detection in this way allows the Widex Evoke to create a better listening experience for the user, by adapting and using data learning facilities. Personalise your hearing aids every step of the way using widex latest SoundSense app. You are in control of each situation.


Features Of The Product 

In this section we will explain a little more what goes into the Widex Evoke and what features and facilites make this a quality hearing aid product.



The Widex Evoke uses the Z power rechargeable technology but this is onyl available in their Fusion 2 model range.


SoundSense is Widex smart technology platform that allows the user to personalise and customise their own listening experience. Using the SoundSense Learn app on your smartphone, the user is able to find their personal sound up to 25% faster than if the hearing was to do it automatically. However with the Evoke, the built in SoundSense Adapt automatic feautre compliments SoundSense by remembering all the changes you make and intelligently applying them to similar situations, even if you’re in a totally new environment.

Fluid Sound Controller

The Evoke also has a built in 'Fluid Sound Controller' which Widex say will set the optimal sound for different sound environments. It does this via more accurate and faster processing, along with more sound classification, new more efficient programs and better sound rationales.

The Fluid Sound Controller also allows more options in which to tailor the sound for the individual. The fast compression setup can be altered for help in noisy situations by reducing or switching off. You can choose to do this or leave it as it is for safety reasons or where the individual wishes to hear the sounds within their environment.

Streaming Facilities

The Evoke platform uses 2.4 GHz streaming facilities meaning the user can stream music phonecalls and audio services directly to their hearing aids. The behind the ear (BTE) and receiver in canal (RIC) versions also support the Widex DEX range of accessories.

Please note- There are two apps that can be downloaded for both Apple and Android devices. The are The 'Widex' app and the 'Tonelink' app.

The Widex app can only be used with Widex Evoke Fusion 2 shaped models. All the other models use the Widex Tonelink app.

Please see attached the list of compatible phones that will facilitate the apps - https://global.widex.com/en/support/evoke-hearing-aid-app/compatibility

Build Quality

The Widex Evoke hearing aid is completely water resitant with an IP68 rating. Even the inner components are designed to withstand the harshest of environments. They are also moisture and dust resistant, as well as having a firm build quality to ensure maximum protection and longevity of your hearing aids.

Widex 'Sound Classes'

Widex Evoke uses Sound Classes to move between different sound environments automatically. The better the technology level of the product the more sound classes it has.

The Widex Evoke 220 has 4 sound classes.

Available Hearing Aid Styles/Colours

The Evoke range is quite large and comes in varying different styles:

Passion Range:

- Passion 312/R (RIC) uses ToneLink app for streaming. Suitable for DEX products

- Passion 10 (RIC) Widex smallest Evoke behind the ear hearing aid. Uses ToneLink app. Suitable for DEX products

Fusion Range:

- Fusion (RIC) uses ToneLink app for streaming. Suitable for DEX products

- Fusion 2 R (RIC) This is the version that supports the 'Widex app' 2.4 GHz streaming facility. Suitable for DEX products.

- Fusion RIC 312 D The 312 version of the above. Suitable for DEX Products

Fashion Range (BTE Power Range):

- Fashion Mini The smallest version of the behind the ear (BTE) Evoke product. Uses the ToneLink App.Suitable for DEX Products

- Fashion BTE 13 D Size 13 battery mid size BTE with full streaming capabilites Uses the Widex app. Suitable for DEX Products

- Fashion BTE Power A larger more powerfull version of the above. Uses ToneLink app. Suitable for DEX Products.

- Fashion Power The most powerfull hearing aid in the Evoke range for those with the most severe hearing losses. Uses the ToneLink App.

Suitable for DEX Products.

Custom Range:

Invisible in Canal (IIC)- Evoke's smallest in the ear product. Uses Tonelink App

Completely In Canal (CIC)- A slightly larger wireless version in the canal product. Uses ToneLink app. Suitable for DEX products.

In The Canal (ITC)- A mid size in the ear hearing aid that is wireless. Uses the ToneLink app. Suitable for DEX Products

In The Ear (ITE) Suitable for power users and ease of use. Wireless using the ToneLink app. Suitable for DEX products.

The colours are availble to view on the Widex website folowiing this link: https://global.widex.com/en/hearing-aids/evoke-smart-hearing-aids/product-details?categoryid={6639B161-9FA3-4F4C-A956-3C4C237D7526}&productid={02F81C75-2A35-47B1-869E-6BA8855AD4A8}&housingcolorid=121

UK Hearing's Widex Evoke 220 Technology Star Rating:

Wind Noise Reduction - **

Natural Sound Experience - ***

Improved Speech Understanding - ***

Automatic Sound Adjustment - ***

Differences between the Evoke 220 and the 330/440

The Evoke 220 doesnt feature any of the below:

- High Frequency boost

- Speech enhancer

- SmartWind manager

- Digital Pinna

Also there are 8 channels in the Evoke 220 as opposed to 12 channels in the Evoke 330 and 15 in the Evoke 440.