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Type: RIC

Technology: New

Technology Rating

Re-Chargeable: Yes plus £100 per hearing aid

Price Per Single £895.00

Price Per Pair £1595.00

Warranty: This hearing aid comes with a full 2 year manufactures warranty

bernafon | viron | 3 Hearing Aid bernafon | viron | 3 Hearing Aid

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Bernafon Viron 3

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Bernafon Viron - Simply Closer to Reality

Viron 3 is the latest low to mid range product from Swiss company Bernafon. The Viron chip is designed to provide effortless listening and understanding in the most challenging of environments using their latest facility 'True Environment Processing'. True Environment Processing allows users to immerse themselves in the natural sound environment and experience sound which is simply closer to reality. The perfect choice for active people looking for the maximum benefits of today's hearing system technology.


Features of the Product

Below we will list some of the features that make the Viron platform, Bernafon's best hearing aids yet.

True Environment Processing

True Environment Processing hearing aids from Bernafon provide the most natural sound possible. The super-fast sound detection and processing with Bernafon's DECS technology provides users with more precise information about the environment in real time. This enables the listener to focus on hearing what’s important to them, while keeping the natural sound picture. Statistics for how True Environment Processing works are below:

  • Acoustic feedback detection - Up to 126,000 measurements per second

  • Amplification adjustment - 20,000 times per second

  • Soundscape detection - 32,000 data points per second

These features are put together to ensure users receive:

  • Improved speech understanding in challenging listening situations

  • Maximum listening comfort in highly noisy places

  • Reduced listening effort

Streaming Facilities

The Viron platform now has a built in 2.4 GHz bluetooth connection for effortless streaming to all smartphone devices. The hearing aids are also wireless which means the user can benefit from Bernafon's range of wireless accessories such as TV streamer and Mini mic setups. The EasyControl-A app can be downloaded free to your smartphone and will allow you to change the volume and programs on your Viron Hearing Aids.

RechargeabilityBernafon Viron miniRITE T R lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids placed in the charger with the cable in the background.

The Viron comes with a built in Li-ion power cell meaning that the user can expect to receive a full days usage of just a 3 hour charge.

Charging times are as follows:

3 Hours- 24hours of usage including bluetooth streaming

1.5 Hours - 12 Hours of usage including bluetooth streaming

0.5 Hours - 5-6 Hours of usage including bluetooth streaming.

Build Quality

The Viron product range all come with an ip68 rated moisture and dust resistant coating. The receivers have an enhanced, moisture resistant casing with a wax resistant filter to protect the inner electronics. The recharging unit is built with durability in mind and is also moisture and dust resistant to ensure your hearing aids receive maximum charge every time.

Hearing Aid Styles / Colours

The Viron range comes in two different sytles currently. These are:

Receiver in Canal (RIC)

  • miniRITE - The smallest RIC in the range using a 312 battery (Bluetooth and wireless compatible)

  • miniRITE T - A slightly larger version containing a built in telecoil and a 312 battery (Bluetooth and wireless compatible)

  • miniRITE T R- The Viron rechargeable version with a built in telecoil (Bluetooth and wireless compatibility)

Behind the Ear (BTE)

  • BTE 105 - The only behind the ear product in the Viron range for users with sever to profound hearing loss using a size 13 battery (Bluetooth and wireless compatibility)

Viron hearing aids | Bernafon

UK Hearing's Bernafon Viron 3 Technology Star Rating

Wind Noise Reduction - **

Natural Sound Experience - **

Improved Speech Understanding - **

Automatic Sound Adjustment - **